BUCKCHERRY: New Audio Interview With JOSH TODD

On February 13, Scotty Mars conducted an interview with vocalist Josh Todd of Californian rockers BUCKCHERRY. You can now listen to the chat in the YouTube clip below.

BUCKCHERRY‘s sixth studio album album, “Confessions”, was released on February 13. The disc is BUCKCHERRY‘s first domestic release with new label Century Media Records. The CD was made available via Eleven Seven Music in other parts of the world.

The Japanese edition of “Confessions” includes two bonus tracks: “Wherever I Go” (from “Avengers Assemble”) and a live version of “Rescue Me”. The domestic deluxe edition contains the bonus cuts “Give ‘Em What They Want” and “When The Fire Starts” as well as a DVD featuring the newly released “Gluttony” music video, “On The Set: Gluttony Video Shoot”, “The Story Behind Confessions” and the original “Gluttony” lyric video.

All configurations of the album include the following track listing:

01. Gluttony
02. Wrath
03. Nothing Left But Tears
04. The Truth
05. Greed
06. Water
07. Seven Ways To Die
08. Air
09. Sloth
10. Pride
11. Envy
12. Lust
13. Dreamin’ Of You

The “Gluttony” video can be seen below. The clip was shot in November in Los Angeles, with the band putting out an open casting call for fans to appear in the video.

“It’s just about trying to control your behavior,” BUCKCHERRY singer Josh Todd tells Loudwire about “Gluttony”. “They always say that you have to do everything in moderation and that’s never been my experience. One is okay, two is better, three is fantastic and four is the best. I want to consume everything, I want to go big or go home. I’m either on 11 or I’m asleep.”

He continued: “That’s my problem, that’s my struggle, trying to moderate — that’s what ‘Gluttony’ is about. It’s like, ‘I want it, I need it, I love it’ and everything that feels good to me, I want to overdo it. It’s just who I am and I don’t understand why I can’t do it.”

“Confessions” is a loose concept album that revolves around the notion of the seven deadly sins and is inspired by events in Todd‘s childhood.

Todd has helped co-write a short film that will come out later in the year and expand upon the record’s themes. It’s not clear yet how the film will be distributed.

Todd said that “Confessions” is “definitely a heavier, musically, record than we’ve ever had, and more melodic. It’s pretty intense, but everybody’s gonna love it. It’s quintessential BUCKCHERRY at the end of the day.”





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