BUFFALO THEORY MTL: Video Footage From The Studio Posted Online

BUFFALO THEORY MTL — the project featuring three former members of the now-defunct Montreal deathcore act GHOULUNATICS — entered Montreal, Quebec, Canada’s Indica studios at the end of January to record six songs for its upcoming second album, entitled “Heavy Ride”. The band states, “We are recording in three days, as we have a very limited budget, as most indie bands do, and by recording live, we can get the most out of the sessions.” The group adds, “Along with the six new songs, we will be adding the five songs from our first demo EP (March 2010), which will finally get properly mastered. Our first EP was meant to be a demo at the time and was released without being mastered. The EP is now out of print.

“The mix and mastering should be done by the end of February and the plan is to release it by mid-March to start touring the new album in April or May.”

Video footage from the studio can be seen below.

Interested parties should contact BUFFALO THEORY MTL now at buffalotheory@live.ca or at booking@galyrecords.com.


Gary Lyons (ex-GHOULUNATICS) – Bass
Yannick Pilon (ARSENIQ 33) – Guitar
Brian Craig (ex-GHOULUNATICS) – Drums
Anton Parr – Vocals