BURY TOMORROW: ‘Knight Life’ Video Released

“Knight Life”, the new video from the U.K. metalcore act BURY TOMORROW, can be seen below. The clip was directed and produced by Sitcom Soldiers. The song comes off the band’s second album, “The Union Of Crowns”, which was released on July 16 via Nuclear Blast Records.

In a recent interview with Rock Sins, BURY TOMORROW guitarist and clean vocalist Jason Cameron stated about the new album title, “It was Dan‘s [vocalist Daniel Winter Bates] idea; he’s quite a big history fan. It’s basically saying, we’ve been away for quite a while and the title ‘The Union Of Crowns’ represents everyone who’s stuck by us, like in ‘Lionheart’, it’s for everyone who’s ‘had our back from the start.’ It’s all to do with all our fans coming together. We made this album for them as much as we made it for us.”

Regarding the lyrical topics that are covered on “The Union Of Crowns”, Jason said, “There’s a very regal theme. . . ‘Portraits’ [BURY TOMORROW‘s 2009 debut album] had a theme that was all about one thing, whereas on this each song is separate, but there is still a running theme. I think that’s important. We had a lot of fun coming up with all the names and making it have that regal feel. We’re very a very patriotic band, and we toured the states two or three times and we didn’t have many U.K. tours planned… The whole thing is just to show how patriotic we are about the U.K. and how much we love it.”

“The Union Of Crowns” track listing:

01. Redeemer
02. The Maiden
03. Lionheart
04. Message To A King
05. An Honourable Reign
06. Knight Life
07. Royal Blood
08. Bitemarks
09. Abdication Of Power
10. Kingdom
11. 1603
12. Sceptres
13. Vacant Throne
14. A Curse


Davyd Winter Bates – Bass
Mehdi Vismara – Guitar
Daniel Winter Bates – Vocals
Adam Jackson – Drums
Jason Cameron – Vocals/Guitar




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