BURY YOUR DEAD Frontman Talks About His Return In New Interview

Matt Haines of HeadbangHere.net recently conducted an interview with BURY YOUR DEAD frontman Mat Bruso. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

HeadbangHere.net: Can you tell us a little about the switch from Victory Records to Mediaskare Records?

Bruso: I haven’t been in the band for the past couple years and not sure exactly how it went down. I know we were all real excited to work with Baron and Mediaskare and put out a record with that guy. The biggest part of that switch was getting me back. It’s been going great. We recorded the new record, everyone has been really supportive. We are on this headlining tour with a whole bunch of other Mediaskare bands and others from different record labels. It’s really been tremendous so far; everybody has been going hard and having a lot of fun.

HeadbangHere.net: After the departure of Myke Terry and the return of Mat Bruso, how did that have an impact on the fans and yourselves?

Bruso: Kids seem really fucking excited to have me back. When they first asked me, I didn’t know if people would be into it. You know, a lot of people moved on and everybody was really digging with Myke had going on for good reason, too, because I was unwilling to do it. Myke continued to bring mosh to everywhere and show kids a good time. The pleasure was all mine getting to come back and so far the response has been fucking awesome. It’s really, really flattering to go around and have people so excited to have me back. I mean, I’m super fucking out of shape, like I’m totally fat, winded all the time but the energy and the vibe, violence, and positivity coming together is such a dream come true.

HeadbangHere.net: Each album has helped define your sound over your careers. What can we expect from the new album, “Mosh N’ Roll”?

Bruso: A lot of people as built it up as the return to BURY YOUR DEAD‘s roots. I don’t know if it’s a return to BURY YOUR DEAD‘s roots. That first demo that they put out with Joe Krewko and Mark singing on it is one of my favorite things I’ve listened to my whole life. When I first got to sing with BURY YOU DEAD, I was definitely singing with my favorite band ever, and it’s not necessarily bad, it’s the same vibe. I would say it’s comfortable between “Cover Your Tracks” and “Beauty And The Breakdown”. We are fucking super-proud of it. [It has] straight-up heavy parts and two-step parts, it’s just like any other record. It was written to be played live. When you listen to it, it’s cool it’s great to sing along with the words, but it’s written to be played live so we can slow it the fuck down, speed it up, and have people just smash each other. It’s not necessarily a defining moment. I’m super-proud to be a part of it and to be back. For me it’s another time for me to say any fucked up thing I want to.

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