CANNIBAL CORPSE Bassist: Next Album Will Contain ‘No Big Surprises, Just Brutality’

Fedja of recently conducted an interview with bassist Alex Webster of Florida-based death metal veterans CANNIBAL CORPSE. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. You are officially the best-selling death metal band of all time. That’s gotta be a great feeling?

Alex: It’s definitely cool. We are very grateful to our fans for making that possible. We will continue to work hard in to make music that’s worth our fans’ hard earned money. We are happy that we’re selling well, but we want the quality of our music to be the top priority. There have been many death metal bands since 1990 when you guys released “Eaten Back to Life”. Some are still around today, some called it a day, and new ones are on the rise. How do you feel the death metal scene differs today to what it was back in early 1990s?

Alex: The main difference is that the genre is now fully established. In the beginning, it was brand new and still being defined. There were only a handful of bands to draw influence from when we started, now there are hundreds (even thousands) of bands in the death metal scene…new bands have a large body of work to draw inspiration from and build upon. Another difference in the scene today is that information travels much more quickly via the Internet. In the old days we all got our info by word of mouth, on the phone, or through snail mail. I remember waiting weeks for demos to arrive at my house. Now you just Google a band’s name and listen to the tracks they’ve posted online. What I have always wanted to know is, how do you guys go about naming the tracks? I have always loved the crazy titles.

Alex: A lot of the time we come up with the song titles together at band practice, although sometimes a member will come up with ideas on his own at home. We try to make the titles fit the music — a fast crazy song will have a different sort of title than a slow heavy song. When can we expect to see next studio album released? Any news or info on new material?

Alex: We’ll be recording in September and October, so the album should come out sometime in early 2012. The material will be death metal done the CANNIBAL CORPSE way… no big surprises, just brutality!

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