CANNIBAL CORPSE Frontman Interviewed On KILLER BUNNY TV’s ‘The Rock Show’

Norwegian independent channel Killer Bunny TV‘s radio channel slips into a slinky black dress every Wednesday from May 16 to promulgate Nordic rock music and its unique culture through the far-reaching grip of the World Wide Web.

Creatively named “The Rock Show”, Killer Bunny‘s brand new compact radio program will hone in on the weird and wonderful nut-crushing sounds from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland. Plus, it will also feature a select bunch of international artists that had, have and will have connections with the Nordic realm in some way or another and will be willing to pass the Nordic challenge — jump into a frozen lake naked like any respectable Nordic person would.

The first main interview of the series is with CANNIBAL CORPSE‘s vocalist George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher, who believes he can speak Swedish. He was put to the test and he took on the challenge with panache. He also offered his opinion on shocking subjects — like cooking and Nordic governments’ tendency to share their own citizens’ financial worth on public forums. “It shouldn’t be anybody’s business,” he said. “If I have a dungeon in my house and I am getting fucked up the ass with 5,000 strap-ons, it’s my business. If I am whipping people, it’s my house, it’s my business. But when you put a name to it, then you’re just invading somebody’s space.” He even touched on the possibility of CANNIBAL CORPSE collaborating with an artist outside of their genre, as METALLICA recently did with Lou Reed. “I don’t want to think about that,” he said. “If that’s all they could come up with. If you listen to it, it doesn’t sound to me like it was thought out that well. And I am just trying to be nice. I like to say exactly what I think, which will leave me to say that it’s fucking shit. Because, really, that’s what it is.”

So, no chance of a collaboration with Lady Gaga? Tune in to see how Fisher responded to that.

Created and hosted by producer Patrizia Mazzuoccolo (formerly of the “Tinitus” show, which aired on Norwegian national radio NRK P3), “The Rock Show” is a back-to-basic production that will focus on diversity, substance and alternative content.

Tune in and throw up to “The Rock Show” — every Wednesday from 6 p.m. CET.