CAP DE CRANIU: video for ‘I’ll Kill If I Live’ released

I’ll Kill If I Live, the first video from the grindcore/death metal act CAP DE CRANIU from Bucharest, Romania, can be seen below:

The song chosen by the band is even that title their first album – I’ll
Kill If I Live, album to be released this autumn through Metalfan Records
Division. The album will be released in a jewelcase cover version will
contain a booklet in a special format, graphics are signed Calin Raduta,
band leader and main songwriter from CAP DE CRANIU.

Filming the video for I’ll Kill If I Live were made by the drummer of the
band Razvan Raduta-Penda (CAP DE CRANIU, NIGHTPRAY, H8) and Valeriu
Catalineanu from Ouroborus Studio (

The first release of the band is titled ‘First EP for a Surgery’ and have
been released on 11.04.2007 by Morgue House Records. CAP DE CRANIU means
Skull-Head in english.

The band curent lineup is:

Dragos Drunea – lead vocals
Calin Raduta – guitar
Radu Ionascu – guitar
Costin Chioreanu – bass
Razvan Raduta-Penda – drums

Bass player Costin Chioreanu and drummer Razvan Raduta-Penda also play in
the band Nightpray along with Clandestine from the Norweigian
avantgarde/black metal act Dødheimsgard. Costin Chioreanu is also well
known for his work as a graphic artist under the name Twilight13media
( for such bands as RUNNING WILD, DARKTHRONE,