CEMETARY Mainman Returns With New Band LORDS OF SATURN

After eight years of being away from the metal scene, CEMETARY mainman Mathias Lodmalm, who now resides in Berlin, Germany, is back with his new band LORDS OF SATURN. The rest of the group’s members live in Sweden.


Mathias Lodmalm – Vocals, Guitar
Jonas Clefström – Drums
Teo Dahnberg – Bass
Bo Pettersson – Guitar
Alex Molin – Percussion

LORDS OF SATURN‘s vinyl single, “Pillars Of Deception”, will be released on June 14 via Some Other Records.

A lyric video for the LORDS OF SATURN song “Black Triangles” can be seen below.

In related news, CEMETARY‘s debut demo, “Incarnation Of Morbidity”, will be released as a vinyl single on To The Death Records, most likely also on June 14.

Sweden Rock Magazine will run a three-page interview with Lodmalm in issue #105, out on June 11. It’s Mathias‘ first interview with a Swedish music magazine in many years.

For more information, visit www.lordsofsaturn.com.




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