Century Media signs UK Death Metal band VALLENFYRE

Century Media Records is proud to announce the signing of UK Death Metal band VALLENFYRE! Like Israel’s SONNE ADAM, VALLENFYRE debuted with a 7″ single on the underground label Imperium Productions and also mixes classic Death Metal with Doom-but in case of VALLENFYRE, there’s some additional British Crust thrown into the mix.

In regards to the band’s signing, Jens Prueter (Head Of AR, Century Media Records Europe) comments: “I was already blown away by VALLENFYRE’s old school orgy of Doomy and Crusty Death Metal riffs when I heard the first demo last Winter, and the new 7″ sounds even better. So I couldn’t hesitate to offer them a deal straight away. That’s how we signed GRAVE and ASPHYX over 20 years ago– and we all know that it was a good decision. So welcome to another chapter of Century Media’s Death Metal legacy. VALLENFYRE’s debut album ‘A Fragile King’ is already recorded and will be released in late October 2011. If you like a mix of early ENTOMBED, CELTIC FROST, AUTOPSY and AMEBIX you should hurry up to buy the last few copies of the ‘Desecration’ 7″ which was limited to only 500 copies by Imperium Productions.”

The “Desecration / Iconoclast” 7″ was released a few weeks ago, and a few copies are still available. To hear samples from both songs and to purchase the 7″, click the link below!