CHASTAIN: ‘Metal In Your Face’ Collection Out Now

Leviathan Records has just released “Metal In Your Face” from CHASTAIN. This CD features the heaviest tracks from the Kate French-era CHASTAIN CDs: “In An Outrage”, “Sick Society” and “In Dementia”. All songs were remastered in 2012.

Throughout the band’s storied career, CHASTAIN has been recognized as one of the truly unique metal bands. The group has always had a female vocalist, even when it wasn’t cool to do so. Guitarist David T. Chastain has been roundly praised for being one of the few “guitar masters” who actually writes coherent songs and not just vehicles to show off his technical mastery. Vocalist Kate French manages to combine sheer power and sultry sexiness in her vocals. Other featured musicians include drummers Dennis Lesh and Larry Howe as well as bassists Kevin Kekes and Dave Starr.

“Metal In Your Face” track listing:

01. Seven
02. In Dementia
03. Human Sacrifice
04. Tongue
05. Blackening
06. Bullet From A Gun
07. Tortured Love
08. Lucky To Be Alive
09. Hamunaptra
10. Destructive Ground
11. Violence In Blame
12. The Vampire
13. Angel Falls