Chicago’s WITCHSLAYER Reunites, Plans Debut Release

The four original members of the Chicago-based ’80s power/doom metal band WITCHSLAYER are scheduled to reunite in September in Phoenix, Arizona “to finally finish what [they] set out to do years ago,” according to singer Jeff Allen.

The vocalist added, “We recorded a five-track demo in 1983 that got widely circulated and had a lot of positive reviews from a number of metal fanzines back in the day. We still get inquiries to re-release that demo. A track from that demo entitled ‘I Don’t Want To Die’ was featured on Metal Blade‘s ‘Metal Massacre IV’ compilation album. At that time, we were planning to shop our demo around to see if we could land a recording deal with a major label. But before we could go any further, our rehearsal space neighbors, the band TROUBLE, recruited our bass player Sean McCallister for their ‘Psalm 9’ album. We eventually found a replacement for Sean (Rick Manson) and were slated to open for the German band ACCEPT on their first U.S. tour at Chicago’s Metro. But at the last minute, the ACCEPT roadies pulled the plug on us and would not allow us to perform. That was the last straw for us at the time. We’d been banging our heads (no pun intended) for four years and were broke and burned out. We disbanded and went our separate ways. We now feel that the time is right for us to reunite and take a stab at re-recording all of our 17 songs that we have written over the past 30 years, [including] five from that ’83 demo.”


Jeff Allen – Vocals
Craig McMahon – Guitar
Dale Clark – Drums
Sean McCallister – Bass

Look for the debut WITCHSLAYER release sometime this fall.