CHILDREN OF BODOM’s ROOPE LATVALA Releases Metallic Versions Of National Anthems

CHILDREN OF BODOM guitarist Roope Latvala and Finnish composer Anssi Tikanmäki have released a collection of metalized versions of some of the most well-known national anthems via Rockadillo Records. The CD was recorded by Eljas Tikanmäki (studio Skyview) and Roope Latvala (studio Bunker) and was mixed by Anssi Tikanmäki and Eljas Tikanmäki (studio Skyview).

“Anthems” track listing:

01. Maamme Oh Our Land
02. Du Gamla Du Fria Thou Ancient, Thou Free
03. Gimn Rossiiskoi (Hymn Of Russia)
04. Das Lied Der Deutschen (The Song Of The Germans)
05. Finlandia
06. La Marseillaise (The Song Of Marseillaise)
07. The Star-Spangled Banner (Anthem Of The USA)
08. God Save The Queen (Anthem Of The UK)

The entire album can be streamed at this location.

“Anthems” recording lineup:

* Roope Latvala – lead guitar
* Eemil Tikanmäki – guitar
* Juuso Nordlund – bass (1-4, 6-8)
* Eljas Tikanmäki – drums
* Anssi Tikanmäki – keyboards
* Lauri Porra – bass (5)
* Masa Orpana – saxes
* Tommi Kolunen – trumpet
* Henrik Perello – violin
* Lotta Laaksonen – violin
* Eemil Tikanmäki – violin
* Pike Kontkanen – violin
* Johanna Rusanen – vocal (4)

For more information, go to this location.