Former CHIMAIRA Bassist’s KILLING IT Releases First Two Songs

“Revolution For Nothing” and “Scene Wasteland”, the first two songs from KILLING IT — the new Cleveland, Ohio-based “thrash-infused hardcore” band featuring former CHIMAIRA bassist Jim LaMarca — can be streamed using the ReverbNation TuneWidget below. The tracks were recorded and mixed with producer Don DeBiase (FOREVER IN TERROR, BENEATH THE SKY) at Studio D in Cleveland.

KILLING IT — which gets its name from the RAISED FIST song “Killing It” — was formed in the late months of 2010 by LaMarca and DEAD EVEN frontman J.C. Koszewski. Along with former INTEGRITY/DEAD EVEN guitarist Matt Brewer and drummer Jason Isom, their goal was to create a hardcore band influenced by such classic bands as SICK OF IT ALL and INTEGRITY but mixed with energy of thrash metal and punk.

Unlike most modern scene hardcore bands, KILLING IT “sings of the destruction of man inside the world of music,” according to a press release. “The everyday struggle to influence tomorrow by the values of yesterday. Most importantly, the humbling and spiritual experience that is hardcore music that is missing in the sound of today. KILLING IT strives for the idea of change through unity and a good time. To return the meaning to music, giving those who need it something to believe in.”


J.C. Koszewski – Vocals
Jim LaMarca – Bass
Matt Brewer – Guitar
Jason Isom – Drums

KILLING IT made its live debut on September 10 at the Hardcore Lives 2011 festival at Peabody’s in Cleveland.



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