CHRIS CORNELL Interviewed On 102.1 THE EDGE (Audio)

Vydra of the Dallas, Texas radio station 102.1 The Edge recently conducted an interview with SOUNDGARDEN/ex-AUDIOSLAVE singer Chris Cornell. The chat is now available for streaming below.

Cornell will guest on the Thursday, September 22 edition of CBS-TV‘s “Late Show With David Letterman” at 11:35 p.m. ET/PT. Check local listings for details.

Cornell‘s new song, “The Keeper”, is the lead single from the soundtrack to the upcoming movie “Machine Gun Preacher”. The movie, which stars Gerard Butler as a former drug dealer who becomes a crusader for hundreds of refugee children in war-torn Sudan, opens on September 23.

Cornell said in a new interview with ARTISTdirect that the music SOUNDGARDEN has written for its upcoming album is “different than anything” the group has done before. Asked how the new SOUNDGARDEN material compared to “The Keeper”, the singer replied, “Well, no matter what, SOUNDGARDEN is always going to be heavier. However, I also think musically the new SOUNDGARDEN stuff is different than anything we’ve ever done . . . every time we’ve made a record it wasn’t really that easy to compare it to the previous one — other than that we’re the same band. I think there may be some moments that are sort of sonically quieter and more stripped-down. On the whole, it’s a rock record. That’s what we do.”