CHRIS CORNELL Talks About New Song ‘The Keeper’ (Video)

Video footage of SOUNDGARDEN/ex-AUDIOSLAVE singer Chris Cornell talking about his new song “The Keeper”, lead track on the original motion picture soundtrack for forthcoming movie “Machine Gun Preacher”, can be seen below. A video for the track is being helmed by Isaac Rentz (CAGE THE ELEPHANT, MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA).

Based on a true story, “Machine Gun Preacher” is directed by Marc Forster (“Finding Neverland”, “Monster’s Ball”) and stars Gerard Butler (“300”, “The Phantom Of The Opera”) as Sam Childers, a former drug-dealing criminal who finds faith leading him on a path to East Africa. Shocked by the mayhem in Sudan, Childers becomes a crusader for hundreds of refugee children fleeing death and enslavement.

The full soundtrack album will be released on September 20.

“Machine Gun Preacher” hits select U.S. theatres on September 23.

For additional information on the film, go to this location.