CIPHER Drummer Reportedly Goes Missing In Indonesia

Daniel Bobis, drummer for the Long Beach, New York hardcore/metal/punk band CIPHER (Facebook page), reportedly went missing Sunday morning in Sumatra, Indonesia.

According to the Long Beach Patch, Bobis, who is also a teacher at Long Beach High School and surf team coach, was surfing in the city of Damai in the south of the Indonesian island when he disappeared.

Long Beach teacher Jay Spitz told Long Beach Patch that he received word from Bobis‘ wife, Rachel, that Daniel had gone missing in the waters of south Sumatra 10 hours earlier. His board was located, but there was no sign of Bobis. Spitz explained that the “rescue efforts are horrible there” due to the remote nature of the area. He added that Rachel Bobis, whom he has been in contact with, said that the local United States Consulate has been no help thus far.

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