CLOVEN HOOF Announces New Guitarist

After auditioning “147 guitar players” and listening to countless demo CDs, NWOBHM legends CLOVEN HOOF have finally found their ultimate guitar hero, Joe Whelan, courtesy of the Express Star newspaper. Joe‘s previous band was called DEMENTIA and his high-octane fluid lead style will bring a whole new dimension to the band. He is currently working on his lead breaks on the new CLOVEN HOOF studio track called “I’m Your Nemesis” and will take part in the band’s first “big-budget” video filming, which will start on September 27.

CLOVEN HOOF last year released a five-song EP entitled “Throne Of Damnation”. It contained three new songs — “Prime Time”, “Running Man” and “Freak Show” — along with reworked versions of “Whore Of Babylon” and “Night Stalker”, the latter of which is featured on the Brütal Legend game.

CLOVEN HOOF re-recorded 24 of its classic songs for a two-part “best-of” compilation, “The Definitive Part One” and “The Definitive Part Two”.