CLOVEN HOOF: ‘I’m Your Nemesis’ Video Released

“I’m Your Nemesis”, the brand new video from the legendary NWOBHM act CLOVEN HOOF, can be seen below.

CLOVEN HOOF recently announced the addition of singer Ash Cooper and guitarist Chris Coss to the group’s ranks. According to the band, “Ash‘s vocal delivery is brutal and aggressive, yet he can tackle ballads with great sensitivity and emotion. Ash sings with his heart on his sleeve with great power and passion.”

Regarding singer Russ North‘s departure from CLOVEN HOOF, the band said, “After much soul searching and respect to CLOVEN HOOF‘s future aspirations, Russ can no longer be part of the band on a full-time basis. Commitments in his personal life have made it impossible for him to continue singing heavy metal. Last year he helped the band out on a temporary basis for which they will always be eternally grateful. His great legacy will always live on in re releases such as ‘Dominator’ and the much-awaited re-release of ‘A Sultan’s Ransom’. Fans will be pleased to know there is still archive live recordings featuring Russ and unreleased demos that will see the light of day at some point in the future. Russ will always be a proud part of the band’s history.”


Chriss Coss – Guitar
Peter Baker – Keyboards
Mark Gould – Drums
Ash Cooper – Vocals
Lee Payne – Bass
Joe Whelan – Guitar

CLOVEN HOOF last year released a five-song EP entitled “Throne Of Damnation”. It contained three new songs — “Prime Time”, “Running Man” and “Freak Show” — along with reworked versions of “Whore Of Babylon” and “Night Stalker”, the latter of which is featured on the Brütal Legend game.

CLOVEN HOOF re-recorded 24 of its classic songs for a two-part “best-of” compilation, “The Definitive Part One” and “The Definitive Part Two”.


One thought on “CLOVEN HOOF: ‘I’m Your Nemesis’ Video Released

  • November 8, 2011 at 3:15 pm

    I loved the video and think the Hoof finally look like a band. Ash (the singer) is excellent and if he sounds like Dave Mustaine then fab. What a compliment! If you think the band is like Megadeth then even better! How many fans have Megadeath got? Come Hoof lets see you live with more new material but still keep the classics. Why not do some Eye of the Sun stuff too? Desperately underrated but some fantastic songs on there too especially Whore of Babylon.
    The Hoof are back and they ARE better than ever!!!