CNN’s ANDERSON COOPER Gets His Own Heavy Metal ‘Theme Song’

Before signing off each night, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper concludes his show “AC360” with a segment called “The RidicuList”, during which he comments on some trivial bit of news or pop culture.

Thursday night’s (June 13) edition of “The RidicuList” focused on a heavy metal song dedicated to Anderson Cooper himself.

“Like ‘Uptown Girl’ and ‘Tiny Dancer’ before me, I, Anderson Cooper, am now the subject of a soulful ballad,” the CNN host revealed. “The name of the song? Well, it’s called ‘Anderson Cooper’, which, let’s be honest, has a certain understated charm, much like myself, if I do say so myself. But the band’s name is CRYPTIC MURMURS, and I think the song really captures my easy-going essence.”

Cooper proceeded to play parts of the song, which features such screamed-out lyrics as “CNN cyborg” and “Has never lost his composure… ever… not even once… Usually has a stern look on his face… Stands in the middle of hurricanes.”

“Eat your heart out, METALLICA, take note, Wolf Blitzer, because I shall henceforth be known as Anderson Cooper, CNN cyborg,” Cooper said on Thursday. “I’m not quite sure that is a compliment, but let’s face it, I’ve been called worse.”



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