COFFINS Begins Recording New Album

Having raided the death/doom underworld since 1996, Tokyo, Japan’s brutal doom metal eradicators COFFINS have once again entered their local Noise Room Studio and are currently laying down vocals for their anticipated new LP, “The Fleshland”.

Although COFFINS seemingly always have a new release out — with a plethora of splits, EPs, singles and a recent track released as part of Decibel magazine’s Flexi Series having been released in the past few years alone — the band’s upcoming fourth album, “The Fleshland”, will be the first new full-length from the outfit since their devastating and acclaimed “Buried Death” album, released via 20 Buck Spin in 2008. COFFINS‘ first official release for Relapse Records, “The Fleshland” will be completed by the end of January and will be released later this year.

For now, ravenous fans of COFFINS‘ brutal arts can get a bit of insight into the new album’s cacophony with a pre-production demo track of “Colossal Hole” — which will reappear on “The Fleshland” in its finished state.