Colombian Heavy Metal Church Rocks Out For Jesus

A two-minute video report from the Christian Broadcasting Network on Pantokrator— Greek for all-powerful — the Colombian heavy metal chuch which claims 50 members who gather weekly to sing along with heavy metal hymns and join in head-banging prayers can be seen below.

“I think that if Jesus was present right now, in the flesh, he would accept everyone without differentiating or under-appreciating anyone,” 31-year-old Church founder and pastor Cristian Gonzalez told the Christian Broadcasting Network.

“Whether it is tattoos or piercings, the book of Corinthians says there are people who may judge you based on your appearance, but they cannot judge your heart,” he said.

Regardless of their appearance, most of the members claim they are free from drugs and alcohol.

“Jesus Christ was able to demonstrate that he himself got involved with people no matter their condition, if they were prostitutes, pharisees, thieves, tax-collectors, whatever they were, he got close to them no matter what they were and in spite of the prevailing concept of religion of those times that one couldn’t let themselves be contaminated. He broke that pattern through action,” Gonzalez told Reuters in a 2008 interview. “We have busted the myth of drugs, sex and rock and roll through very forceful action, and it’s done through Jesus Christ, which is the only way to show that what we do is different, it’s only through Jesus Christ,” he added.