Communication Between SCOTT WEILAND And Rest Of STP Started Breaking Down In 1994

Communication Between SCOTT WEILAND And Rest Of STP Started Breaking Down In 1994STONE TEMPLE PILOTS members Chester Bennington and Dean DeLeo spoke to Artisan News about why the band had to fire its original lead singer, Scott Weiland, and replace him with the LINKIN PARK frontman. Check out the report below.

Asked when the communication between Weiland and the rest of the band started to break down, DeLeo laughed before replying: “1994.”

He added: “The communication never broke down between the three of us — meaning, Robert [DeLeo, bass], Eric [Kretz, drums] and myself. There has always been an immense amount of respect and love and honor and commitment.

“There’s only so much, man… I can go to my grave saying I gave it my all.”

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS will release a new five-song EP called “High Rise” on October 8. The disc will be the second release featuring Bennington following current single “Out Of Time”, which emerged last spring and went to No. 1 on the rock chart.

STP fired Weiland in February after reuniting with him in 2010 for a series of tours and one self-titled album. The band had previously been on hiatus since 2002, primarily due to the singer’s struggles with drugs and alcohol.

The group sued Weiland in May, accusing him of using the band’s name to advance his solo career, while claiming that his poor performances, late arrivals, and addiction struggles harmed the band’s career.

Weiland has counter sued, claiming that the band cannot use the STONE TEMPLE PILOTS name without him.

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