Danish melodic death metallers COMPOS MENTIS have issued the following update:

“It has been a while since our last update, and it is time for you to know what is going on in the COMPOS MENTIS camp.

“Shortly after the release of [COMPOS MENTIS‘ third album] ‘Our Kingdom Of Decay’ [in June 2009], half of the members lost the drive and decided to pull out of the band. One of the reasons was the fact that we were all getting increasingly busy with work, families, and other bands (Ken [Holst, guitar] for his part plays in CROCELL and ILLDISPOSED while Rune [Klausen, keyboards] plays the bass in KISS ME SCARLETT).

“What was probably equally important, however, was that our own expectations for ‘Our Kingdom Of Decay’ were not exactly fulfilled when it came out. We had been working intensely on that album for a long time and put a lot of energy and money into it, and we were all quite worn out when the album was finally released. We were, and still are, really proud of that album but we did not put the necessary effort into promoting it and the release left us in some kind of void. Therefore, the last two years have been rather dull and non-productive for COMPOS MENTIS. And last summer it peaked when Ken, Claus [Tørnes, bass] and Rune took the final decision of parting ways with the band. Somewhat depressing, but we’re all still best friends nonetheless.

“Right now the status is that we are not searching for replacements, and we are most likely not releasing anything within the next year. But since last summer the rest of us — the three original and founding members [Jesper Heinsvig on vocals, Ryan Kristensen on guitar and Andreas Posselt on drums] — have been trying out different ideas in the rehearsal room. Maybe we will try to find back to the roots or maybe we will redefine the sound of COMPOS MENTIS. Whatever the case, we do have a handful of good ol’ COMPOS MENTIS songs lying around that we will make available in some form and format at some point.

“We are not quite sure what the future brings, but we do know that COMPOS MENTIS is still alive!”