‘Conan’ Star Says He Listened To PANTERA, MUDVAYNE, METALLICA During Making Of Film

To celebrate the release of Marcus Nispel‘s remake of the classic Arnold Schwarzenegger action adventure “Conan The Barbarian”, U.K.’s Metal Hammer magazine caught up with the film’s star, Jason Momoa. Perhaps best-known for his role as Khal Drogo in HBO fantasy epic “Game Of Thrones”, the Hawaiian-born actor is a heavy metal fan who says that he listened to a lot of PANTERA, METALLICA and MUDVAYNE to get himself into the right frame of mind for playing a warrior like Conan. You can watch Metal Hammer‘s interview with Momoabelow.

“Conan” debuted in the U.S. in late August and had an opening weekend tally of just $10.5 million on approximately 4,500 screens.

The movie reportedly had a production budget of around $90 million (plus marketing and distribution costs), making “Conan” one of the summer’s biggest flops.

Reviews for the film slanted toward the negative, with a meager 27 percent freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes, a film review aggregator. Reviewers generally praised the action and visual spectacle but panned the thin storyline and mindless, video game-style gore.