CONSORTIUM PROJECT V: ‘Enemy Within’ Video Released

Lion Music has set a July 15 release date for “Species”, the fifth and final part of former ELEGY/VENGEANCE singer Ian Parry’s CONSORTIUM PROJECT fictional concept story set centuries in the future where the truth of mankind’s origins is discovered and a final epic journey into outer space is met with dire consequences the world has never seen.

CONSORTIUM PROJECT V “Species” is a culmination of brutal but melodic gothic-power metal at its best. Packed full of powerful songs and first-class musicianship, it’s a fitting end to the pentalogy of critically acclaimed CONSORTIUM PROJECT releases.

As on previous CONSORTIUM PROJECT albums, a lineup of some of the most notable names in progressive / power / gothic metal circles provide the potent performances on the album. Guitars come from Stephan Lill (VANDEN PLAS), Niels Vejlyt (INFINITY OVERTURE) and Veith Offenbächer (DAWN OF DESTINY). Bass tracks are performed by Kris Gildenlöw (PAIN OF SALVATION) and Jens Faber (DAWN OF DESTINY) while Casey Grillo (KAMELOT) performs all drum parts. Ian is also proud to introduce newcomers to the CONSORTIUM PROJECT ranks in female vocalists Lene Petersen and Ani Lozanova (ANI LOZANOVA PROJECT) along with keyboardists Kalin Jechev (ANI LOZANOVA PROJECT) and Peter-Jan Kleevens on keyboards.

On the new album, Ian comments: “It was a challenge this time around to write and produce the best and heaviest of all five CONSORTIUM PROJECT albums. I really wanted to emphasis the facts that in my conceptual story women save the world. This is why I had more involvement from the great female vocalists you hear on CONSORTIUM V ‘Species’.”

The worldwide release of “Species” marks the 21st album release from Ian Parry celebrating a career of over 25 years in the world of rock and metal — a career which has seen classic albums from ELEGY, AYREON, VENGEANCE and numerous guest performances in addition to the CONSORTIUM PROJECT album series. In this final installment the story sees “Species” take mankind on a final epic journey into outer space met with dire consequences the world has never seen.

As the sirens sounded globally, the inevitable had begun. The first wave of Alien ships swooped down like birds of prey. Mankind’s nuclear arsenal was no match and retaliation only added more injury to all who dare strike back. As superior battle cruisers sailed effortlessly through the air, our nuclear bombardment triggered a macabre series of events, igniting a vacuum of toxic waste exploding with immeasurable force lighting the night skies. And the human race entered into an era of uncanny silence.

“Species” track listing:

01. Epilogue (storyteller)
02. Life On Earth
03. Origins Of Mankind
04. The Worst Has Yet To Come
05. An Untold Message
06. To The Earth And Back
07. Sirens
08. Pitch Black
09. Silence Calling
10. Species
11. Enemy Within
12. Oracle