CONTINENTS: ‘Idle Hands’ Video Released

“Idle Hands”, the new Ben Morgan-directed video from the South Wales, U.K. metal/hardcore outfit CONTINENTS, can be seen below. The song is the title track of the band’s new album, which will be released on January 22 via Victory Records.

Commented CONTINENTS vocalist Phil Cross: “[The song ‘Idle Hands’ is] about questioning your beliefs in God.

“I was brought up in Catholic surroundings. Things, situations and events happen to make you question what is preached to you over the years.

“The beginning of the song is about questioning what’s going on around you; why would God let these things ‘bad’ things happen. As the song goes on, it gets darker and more aggressive because you’re not getting the answers you want.”

Kerrang! magazine described CONTINENTS‘ sound as “energy-fueled epic-core with lots of aggression, a healthy blend of raw shouts and low end growls and foot stomping hooks.”

“We’ve always tried to put our own passion for our music before external influence, the most important thing for us is that we enjoy the music we play, and if other people enjoy it too then that’s awesome,” said Cross. “We like to mix elements of our favorite styles and influences, and then put our own perspective on things to see where it takes us.”

Formed in 2010, CONTINENTS quickly established themselves within the U.K. music scene. They are five self-proclaimed “lads with a party attitude who love getting groups of people into a room who share their passion for music.” In concert, this bunch throws a blistering barrage of songs and energy at the crowd which is evident in their first music video from the band’s self-released single “Trials”, which received over 10,000 views on YouTube in just the first few days. Thanks to “Trials”, the band was voted as a favorite YouTube U.K. metal act in November 2011 and was featured on the YouTube home page.

 CONTINENTS: ‘Idle Hands’ Video