Sami Jarroush of the Rock It Out! Blog recently conducted an interview with SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR frontman Corey Taylor.

STONE SOUR has confirmed April 9 as the release date for “House Of Gold Bones – Part 2”, the second half of the band’s two-disc concept album. The first single, “Do Me A Favor”, will be available digitally on February 12, with a video to arrive around that time as well. Other tracks on the album include “Red City”, “Black John”, “Sadist”, “Peckinpah”, “Stalemate”, “The Uncanny Valley” and the title track.

Although a single storyline weaves through the complete two-record set, frontman Corey Taylor told The Pulse Of Radio that the music doesn’t have to be listened to that way. “It’s essentially music that you can listen to different songs and whatnot, you don’t have to have it top to bottom,” he said. “But it is an album that you can listen to top to bottom. So I think we did it right, you know. I mean, we did it in a way where it was interesting enough and challenging enough that we really embraced it, and it’s accessible enough that the fans didn’t feel like they were taking science class or something weird like that.”

Taylor told This Is Not A Scene what fans can expect from Part 2, explaining, “Part 2 is much darker, if I’m honest. Aside from it being a completely different album, it feels more like a soundtrack to a movie in a lot of ways.”

“House Of Gold Bones – Part 1” came out last October and featured the chart-topping rock single “Absolute Zero”.

The sci-fi short story that Taylor wrote as the basis of the album is also the inspiration for a four-issue comic book adaptation that is coming soon from Dark Horse Comics, with the first chapter due out April 17.

STONE SOUR is currently on the road through February 17 with PAPA ROACH, with the tour stopping in Midland, Texas on Monday night (February 4). After a trip overseas, STONE SOUR will return to the U.S. in late March to appear on the Road To The Golden Gods tour, which will run through May 2.


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