COREY TAYLOR’s Book Signing In Hollywood: The HollyFuk Video Report has uploaded a short video report on STONE SOUR and SLIPKNOT singer Corey Taylor‘s July 19 book-signing event at Book Soup in West Hollywood, California. Check it out below.

Taylor‘s new book, “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Heaven (Or, How I Made Peace With The Paranormal And Stigmatized Zealots And Cynics In The Process)” documents his quest to find out the reason why he’s had so many paranormal experiences over the years and what has caused them. He told The Pulse Of Radio how that search inspired the book. “I sat back and I realized I had all of these experiences and I was still kind of looking for answers,” he said. “I’ve never been satisfied with religious connotation, I’ve never been satisfied with the various and so-called ‘ghost hunters,’ so I just kind of sat down and started trying to figure things out for myself. And a lot of the explanations I came to made more sense than what was available.”

The book arrived on July 15.

Taylor is also offering a BitTorrent Bundle which includes part one of “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Heaven”, the book’s cover art, a sample of Taylor‘s comic book, four original comic book covers, and four alternative comic book covers and sketches. If you sign up with your email address, you’ll get an exclusive download of the music video for “Do Me a Favor”. video report:


Fan-filmed video footage: