CORONER: First DVD Teaser Released

The first teaser for the forthcoming DVD from the reunited Swiss thrash trio CORONER can be seen below. The career-spanning double DVD will contain a ton of material from the archives and a full-length concert from the band’s reunion shows in 2011-2012. A release date for the set has not yet been announced.

In a 2011 interview with ThrashHead, CORONER drummer Marquis Marky (a.k.a. Marky Edelmann) was asked whether the band has given any thought to possibly about getting back into the studio and recording a new album. “No, we [haven’t],” he replied. “Because there are several reasons for this. The main problem is that we all have daily jobs. Ron [Royce; bass/vocals] is working for a company, I work for an art collector, I have a family and a little daughter, I am just not as free as I used to be, I can’t just say, ‘Well, I am going to be in the studio for a month,’ I can’t cancel my job for that, I can’t be away from my family for that long. And Tommy [Vetterli, guitar], with his studio, is extremely busy all the time. I think it’s just an illusion if we say we’ll make a new album, because it would take such a long time. Of course, we can try to do that, but it would take maybe three or four years or something….that would be just strange, you know, to produce in this way, that you say, ‘Let’s wait three weeks, and then we come together and put together the second song, drums,’ or something like that. For me, you have to be a band, you have to be somewhere else, away from everything, you have to be together for three weeks or whatever in one studio, just to get through one piece… that’s the way we always did it… This is just not possible [to pull off right now]. I think it’s OK how it is… Well, what we are probably going to do is one song or something, just one song to add to these few shows we do know or we just put on…. We’re actually planning on putting out a DVD with all the cuts from the shows, traveling, what we’re doing now and next year…combined with some old footage, like for instance, the first CORONER concert ever that we did in Zurich with CELTIC FROST and KREATOR and things like that. That’s probably where the one new song or something like that will go…. I don’t know. But, basically, to answer your question, there is not going to be a new album.”

Professionally filmed video footage of CORONER‘s performance at last year’s Hellfest, which took place June 17-19, 2011 in Clisson, France can be seen below. Also available is a video interview with guitarist Tommy Vetterli (a.k.a. Tommy T. Baron) conducted by at the event.

DVD teaser:


Hellfest performance:





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