CORROSION OF CONFORMITY Guitarist Talks About The Making Of New Album

Iann Robinson of recently conducted an interview with guitarist Woody Weatherman of Raleigh, North Carolina legends CORROSION OF CONFORMITY. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. So you’re back together, out doing the “Animosity” three-piece tour and everybody loves it. Was it always your intention to record an album of new material or did it start out as just for fun?

Woody: There was always the intention of having new songs, which we did almost right off the bat. We had written two or three new songs to help supplement the “Animosity” album stuff when we played it live. I think maybe at first we just wanted to test the waters and see how much fun we were having, but it didn’t take too long to realize that we wanted to write an album as a three-piece and tour off of it. What was the mindset for the new album?

Woody: I don’t think we really had a goal as far as direction or an idea. I think most people thought that since it was the trio, we would just go in and do another “Animosity” record. We didn’t intentionally not do that, but we also didn’t want to only do that. I guess we just let the songs come naturally as we always have. Probably in the back of our minds we thought we should have some upbeat songs since people will expect them, but once we started writing all of that went out the window. It’s been over two decades since “Animosity”. Has the writing dynamic changed between the three of you?

Woody: Maybe a touch. I think Reed [Mullin, drums] contributes a little more actual riffs now. He’s always been an amazing drummer, but now he has his songwriting going on and that’s been coming in. In general, we’ve always been a unit, even if it’s just Reed humming a riff to one of us. One song might have parts that we individually wrote. It works because our heads are all in the same place. How did you guys get back in touch with Reed anyway?

Woody: Reed‘s in Raleigh North Carolina and even before we decided to bring the “Animosity” thing back, he and Mike were involved in the RIGHTEOUS FOOL project, which they still have rocking and rolling. Funny enough, what spearheaded the whole “Animosity” thing was Pepper [Keenan, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY guitar/vocalist, who is not involved in the current version of the group] who called us individually with some thoughts on doing a few festival dates in Europe. Mike and Reed and I started jamming in preparation for that, but they never really happened. We just decided to keep on jamming because we were having such a good time.

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