CRADLE OF FILTH: New ‘Evermore Darkly’ Trailer Posted Online

British extreme metallers CRADLE OF FILTH will release their new mini-album, entitled “Evermore Darkly” on October 18 (October 24 in Europe) via Peaceville Records. This will be preceded by the single “Lilith Immaculate”, which will be available to download from October 3.

A follow-on from last year’s triumphant “Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa” album, “Evermore Darkly” will arrive as a CD/DVD package including new tracks and rarities, with a lengthy on-the-road documentary and ten songs filmed live at this year’s Graspop Metal Meeting in Dessel, Belgium, as well as the video for “Lilith Immaculate”.

A new trailer for “Evermore Darkly” featuring footage from the DVD can be seen below.

The “Evermore Darkly…” CD features brand new musical beast “Thank Your Lucky Stars”, plus a special remix of “Forgive Me Father”, courtesy of ANTHRAX guitarist Rob Caggiano, an extended rendition of “Lilith Immaculate”, as well as tempered demo versions of three “Darkly, Darkly…” songs. The mini-album closes with a special taster from CRADLE OF FILTH‘s impending orchestral project in the form of a haunting, classic reworking of fan favorite “Summer Dying Fast”.

The “Evermore Darkly…” DVD contains footage from summer 2011 when CRADLE OF FILTH embarked on a rapid spat of tours, accompanied by two eager filmmakers. The resulting documentary, “You Can’t Polish A Turd, But You Can Roll It In Glitter”, combined with performance and interview footage culminates in a forty five minute film of the not so glamorous reality of life in a touring band at work and play, as they trawl their way across Europe over eight performances. The DVD includes an interview with ghoul-guide Dani Filth, interspersed and peppered with live footage and backstage shenanigans, culminating in the entire hour long set from this year’s Graspop Metal Meeting appearance.

“Evermore Darkly…” track listing:

01. Transmission From Hell?
02. Thank Your Lucky Scars
03. Forgive Me Father (I Have Sinned) – Elder Version
04. Lilith Immaculate (Extended Length)
05. The Persecution Song – Elder Version
06. Forgive Me Father (I’m In A Trance)
07. The Spawn Of Love And War – Elder Version
08. Summer Dying Fast (“Midnight In The Labyrinth” breadcrumb trail)

“Venus Diversa” DVD:

01. “Lilith Immaculate” Promo Video
02. “You Can’t Polish A Turd…But You Can Roll It In Glitter” Rockumentary
03. “Burning Down Graspop”, Dessel, Belgium, June 25, 2011 Live Footage

According to Dani, “Evermore Darkly…” is “a much-loved musical stop-gap between albums, a pleasure treasure trove of wild and wicked wonders primed especially for fans. Something for them to sink their teeth into this autumn as the CRADLE invasion fleet is primed for future contagion.”


Cradle of Filth – Evermore Darkly (DVD trailer) from Peaceville Records on Vimeo.

“Evermore Darkly…” audio samples:


Cradle of Filth – Evermore Darkly (album montage) by Peaceville