CRASHDÏET: New ‘Shattered Glass And Broken Bones’ DVD Trailers Released

Swedish sleaze rockers CRASHDÏET will release a new DVD entitled “Shattered Glass And Broken Bones – Three Years Of Generation Wild” on December 4. The disc features three hours of live and behind-the-scenes footage complied by the band with Bear Productions.

“Shattered Glass And Broken Bones – Three Years Of Generation Wild” track listing:

01. Down With The Dust (live)
02. The Splits
03. Simon
04. Native Nature (live)
05. Queen Obscene (live)
06. First Taste Of Despair
07. Time To Record
08. Armageddon (live)
09. A Change Of Plans
10. So Alive (live)
11. Videoshoot
12. Generation Wild (music video)
13. Rebel (live)
14. Album Release
15. Save Her (live)
16. Random Madness I
17. Riot In Everyone
18. Random Madness II
19. Chemical (live)
20. Random Madness III
21. Breakin’ The Chains (live)
22. Random Madness IV
23. It’s A Miracle (live)
24. Random Madness V
25. In The Raw (live)
26. Random Madness VI
27. Generation Wild (live)


01. Breakin’ The Chainz
02. Queen Obscene
03. Down With The Dust
04. So Alive
05. It’s A Miracle
06. Native Nature
07. Bound To Fall
08. Chemical
09. Beautiful Pain


01. Anarchy (live)
02. Rebel (live)
03. Down With The Dust (music video)
04. Hollywood Teaze (music video)

The third and fourth trailers for the DVD can be seen below.

Frontiers Records will release “The Savage Playground”, the fourth album from CRASHDÏET, on January 25 in Europe (excluding Scandinavia) and January 22 in North America. The CD was recorded during summer/autumn 2012 at Kingside Studios outside Stockholm with producer Otto Wellton. The first single, “Cocaine Cowboys”, will arrive on December 12.





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