CRASHDÏET’s Manager Dies In ‘Tragic Accident’

According to the Nottingham Post, CRASHDÏET‘s manager Michael Sundén (pictured below) died last Friday (April 19) after a fall in the basement of the Rock City club in Nottingham, England. A native of Stockholm, Sweden, he was 45 years old.

In a statement to the Nottingham Post, Rock City said: “On Friday, April 19, at around 11.30pm a male visitor to the SAXON live music event at Rock City fell unconscious.

“The circumstances are as yet unclear but are not being treated as suspicious.

“Rock City’s on-site medical team attended the scene immediately. An ambulance was called within one minute of the man being found and police officers stationed at the front of the venue were also called to the scene.

“Two police officers began emergency resuscitation before the ambulance arrived and took him to hospital.

“Rock City was informed the next day that the man had subsequently died. Rock City is co-operating fully with the authorities in a post-mortem.

“Rock City would like to offer its deepest condolences to his family.”

A Nottingham Police spokeswoman said: “He is believed to have slipped and hit his head against a brick wall in the basement area. The medical staff performed CPR and he was taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead. We are not treating it as suspicious and a file has been prepared for the coroner.”

A spokesman for the Nottingham City Council said: “They carried out assessments of the venue and were satisfied that there was no ongoing risk to members of the public. It appears the man tripped on two steps in the venue and hit his head on a wall but there were no defects at the venue which contributed to this tragic accident.

“There is no ongoing investigation and the venue can continue to operate as normal.”

Michael, who previously managed the BACKYARD BABIES, is survived by his wife, Carina, and their two young daughters.