Creators Of GWAR Complete Work On ‘Blood Vomits’ Animated Short

In news sure to titillate all of the surface-dwellers that contributed to Slave Pit‘s first venture into the world of “Kickstarter” crowd-funding, Slave Pit today announced the completion of “Blood Vomits – A Very Good Man”, and scheduled the animated short to debut on GWAR lead singer’s Oderus‘ upcoming Crack-a-Thon, his annual web-based fund-losing drive, which is slated to occur September 2 and September 3 at the MF Gallery in Brooklyn, New York.

“After months of intensive labor, the slaves have finally finished the new episode of the ‘Blood Vomits’,” said Oderus, who supplies the voice for the shows main character, Mad Dog. “We sneak previewed it yesterday at the Slave Pit. Unfortunately an earthquake occurred and the TV fell out a window. So I haven’t seen it yet either!”

“Blood Vomits” is an animated comedy series which follows the adventures of Mad Dog, Nails, and The Vicar, as they bumble their way through a violent and miserable medieval world. The all-star cast also includes Randy Blythe of LAMB OF GOD as the “Nails” and Tony Foresta of MUNICIPAL WASTE as “The Vicar.”

The Crack-a-Thon will be streamed live and without charge on, at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. on both September 2 and September 3, and the “Blood Vomits” episode will be broadcast during the show. It will also be available at, bohabb, and the GWAR YouTube page.

This is the second annual Crack-a-Thon and marks Slave Pit‘s continuing foray into the world of web TV, where the band had a great start and a disastrous conclusion to the site they started with last year’s Crack-a-Thon. quickly garnered a thriving online community which soon accumulated the largest online collection of GWAR videos available, only to have the site crash and burn after the epic failure and subsequent disappearance of the sites webmaster, along with a large amount of irreplaceable footage. However the band still retains all the equipment purchased with funds raised at last year’s Crack-a-Thon, and will continue to stake their claim in the rapidly growing world of web TV.

This year’s show will follow the same talk-show-from-Hell format as last year’s, but will feature a special “Spoken Turd” performance by host Oderus Urungus, as well as various appearances by a host of NYC semi-celebrities, cyborgs, and drunks. A couple of super-secret top shelf real celebrity types are rumored to be “on the menu”, despite no contact with them whatsoever.

“It’s pretty much like a normal GWAR show, except there is no band, monsters, or crowd to speak of,” said Urungus. “What’s left? ME, the most dangerous mouth in show biz, talking shit as only I can…so get ready for The Spoken Turd!”

The event will be recorded for a future album and DVD, so make sure you get your tickets now so your heckling can be preserved for eternity.