Crescent Shield Issues New Album Update

Crescent Shield has checked in with the following update about working on new material for an upcoming album:

“Mike left a little while ago. Things started of badly, my recording computer died. :-( Then I heard Mike’s vocals and lyrics for the new song. Wow! Fantastic. I just stuck a mic in front of him and a speaker and he recorded it into my other computer just to get it down.

“There’s really nothing to change as far as his vocals and lyrics go with this song. He just nailed it. It’s called ‘The Leaving.’ We decided we might to one more song, sort of a short acoustic interlude with vocals. We were messing around with something. We’ll see…”

The new album will be the follow-up to “The Stars of Never Seen” (reviewed here). You can check out “The Stars of Never Seen” through the Bandcamp player below.