CRITICAL SOLUTION: Debut Album Details Revealed

Norwegian thrashers CRITICAL SOLUTION will release their debut album, “Evil Never Dies”, on May 16. The CD is said to be a concept album which tells the story of Wallace Green: Wallace and his company are sailing to Sad Hill, where he assasinates the king, with his own life to follow. After Wallace‘s death, he makes a deal with the devil to live again and becomes the Soulmaker. He does his evil agenda and spreads terror across the world.

“Evil Never Dies” was recorded at Andy La Rocque‘s (KING DIAMOND) Sonic Train Studios in Varberg, Sweden. La Rocque produced, recorded, mixed and mastered the CD, which will contain 14 tracks.

For CRITICAL SOLUTION‘s cover version of MOTÖRHEAD‘s “Killed By Death”, guest vocals were provided by Whitfield Crane (UGLY KID JOE) while La Rocque delivered a guitar solo in the same song.

Commented CRITICAL SOLUTION vocalist/guitarist Christer Slettebø: “To release this album is absolutely amazing! One of many dreams is coming true for us. Also to be so honored to have both Whitfield Crane and Andy La Rocque on the album as guests, well, it’s fuckin’ rad! So it is great to finally get the album out and we hope people will like it!”

“Evil Never Dies” track listing:

01. God Of Anarchy
02. Sad Hill
03. Crime Of Passion
04. Wallace Green
05. This Burning Hate
06. The Execution
07. Dead Man Walkin’
08. Evil Never Dies
09. Soulmaker
10. Hell’s Warrior
11. War Machine

Bonus tracks:

12. Speed King (DEEP PURPLE cover)
13. Killed By Death (MOTÖRHEAD cover) *
14. Seek And Destroy (METALLICA cover) **

* Featuring Whitfield Crane, Andy La Rocque
** Featuring Andy La Rocque

A teaser for CRITICAL SOLUTION‘s version of “Killed By Death” — featuring Crane and La Rocque — is available below.

La Rocque previously produced and mixed CRITICAL SOLUTION‘s EP “Evidence Of Things Unseen” in 2011.

CRITICAL SOLUTION‘s debut album is tentatively due in the spring.