Legendary hardcore icon Harley Flanagan, bassist/vocalist of CRO-MAGS and HARLEY’S WAR fame, has signed with Southern Lord for several upcoming releases.

Southern Lord owner Greg Anderson released the following statement regarding this new alliance with Harley‘s newest endeavors:

Harley Flanagan is one of the most revered, controversial and infamous musicians of the last 25 years of underground music. His resume and reputation speak equal amounts of vitriolic decibels as does his bass stack blaring in your face. I have personally been a huge fan of Harley and his work with the CRO-MAGS from the first time I heard their debut album, ‘Age OF Quarrel’, in 1986. Much like the feeling you got when you first heard BAD BRAINS, DISCHARGE or MINOR THREAT, CRO-MAGS were musically and aesthetically on another level that was matchless.

“Through the power of the net and sheer luck, I started talking to Harley Flanagan over e-mails and telephone past year. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the intensity and honesty of his playing also carried through in his personality. Harley is humble, raw, intelligent, driven and focused.

“To say it is an honor for Southern Lord to be working with Harley Flanagan is a enormous understatement! We’re in shock and CANNOT WAIT to get this shit going! The first release we will be doing together will be the forthcoming HARLEY’S WAR album. The demos of the material he has shared with us for this are fucking phenomenal!

“The new HARLEY’S WAR material has the same feeling as the initial musical impact the CRO-MAGS first had in the mid-’80s. Killer songwriting, raw lyrics and Harley Flanagan‘s trademark bass playing. As mentioned above, this is ‘other-level’ shit! Expect nothing less than a brutal musical beatdown from the master!”