A Cry Farewell – The War Goes On

The word that I’m about to say may frighten you. Some might want to turn the computer off immediately, sprint to the shower and try to exfoliate these words from your very brain. After hearing this word, some may even conjure up images so violent that they could face hellish nightmares for weeks, if not months, on end. SO, BE WARNED! *Looks around and then takes a deep breath before saying anything* Rapcore. *Hears sirens blaring, women screaming, babies crying and buildings toppling, all while the earth shifts, cracks and splits as the oncoming apocalypse begins*

Okay, maybe I was exaggerating a bit, but for some of you out there, the mere mention of that word invokes those feelings within you. To you, this is a word that should NEVER be said in or around your presence ever again. Well, Cincinnati, Ohio’s A Cry Farewell are hoping to not only change your mindset, but also change your feelings about the entire genre in general.

In 2010, the band released their debut EP The Offering, turning heads and taking the underground scene by storm. Now they are set to drop their highly anticipated full-length, The War Goes On, to the awaiting masses. Fans of this genre will instantly be familiar with the band’s sound. Incorporating the stylings of bands like Reveille, Nullset, Shuvel and P.O.D is a given, but they also fuse elements of acts like Thousand Foot Krutch, Pillar, early Deftones (Adrenaline-era) and One Minute Silence into the mix. This fusion creates a depth to their music that isn’t found with a lot of the bands within this particular genre. Plus, having been produced by Grammy nominated master-knob-twiddler Travis Wyrick (P.O.D, 10 Years, Disciple, etc.), The War Goes On is an absolute sonic Goliath.

The War Goes On‘s first few tracks set a dynamic tone for what’s yet to come. “Open My Eyes” might be on the repetitive side, but it’s still a grooving, brow-beating brute that packs one hell of a gut-punch. “Nothing Left” is a slow, dark and ambient entity that’s electronically-infused accents and big choruses scream blockbuster movie soundtrack. “One More Try” intergrates giant grooves and huge melodies alongside Josh Doyle’s bouncy rhymes and winding chorus vocal melodies. All are silky smooth and worth your time.

Other notables include “Not Buried Alive”, “Feel It Click”, “The Road” and “If We Don’t Wake Up”. “Not Buried Alive” blends a nice mix of both newer and older P.O.D styles perfectly, while “Feel It Click” comes out like a raging lunatic quickly becoming unglued. My only beef with this song lies in one part that reminds me of a very famous Saliva line that ends with “Boom”. I’m not saying anything overly negative, but the last thing you would want to do is have someone think of another song while listening to yours. “The Road” features Devon Leonard, Noah Henson (Pillar) and Trevor Metcalf’s punchy guitar/bass combination against drummer Danny Hutchinson’s totally walloping skins. Doyle channels his inner Chino Moreno (Deftones) during the bridges and transitions nicely into these Brian Barry-esque (One Minute Silence) vocals to the choruses. “If We Don’t Wake Up” is a blood-pumping, cranium crusher with giant bob-and-weave choruses that are extremely infectious.

While A Cry Farewell may be rooted in a disintegrated genre overrun with copycats, this doesn’t mean that you can instantly write them off as a one trick pony. Not the case at all. These guys may have a style that’s all too familiar for some, but their thought provoking lyrical content and interesting ingenuity make The War Goes On a fresh, exciting and entertaining listen overall.

The War Goes On