CTULU Working On First Video

Northern Germany’s Lovecraftian act CTULU will begin filming its very first official music video next weekend with Harddrive Media in Hamburg.

In other news, CTULU has decided to record an acoustic version of “Nachtwind”, which you willalso find on May 2013’s re-release of “Sarkomand” on vinyl. The band says: “Finally we’re able to present ‘Sarkomand’ on a decent LP to all you vinyl fanatics out there! Godeater Records will also put a limited amount of ‘Zins Der Zeit’ tapes on top to properly release our demo for the first time ever.”

CTULU will release its third full-length studio album, “Seelenspiegelsplitter”, on April 12-13. The album will be launched at two gigs in Hamburg and Erfurt, respectively, and will be made available via Nocturnal Empire. Joining the band on stage during the release gigs will be Bristol’s FEVER SEA, Kiel’s AEBA (which features CTULU‘s studio drummer) and Bremen’s NEBUKADNEZAR.

“Seelenspiegelsplitter” is intended to take you on a journey deep into the halls of the Esoteric Order of Dagon where your skin shall become grey as the sea, your eye color will vanish into grey nothingness and your soul shall be bound to the depths of the ocean.

“Seelenspiegelsplitter” track listing:

01. Seelenbrand
02. Amokkoma
03. Im Widerlicht Blutbefleckter Spiegel
04. Insignia Dagonis
05. Bleichenblass
06. Tornasuk
07. Flammengestirn
08. Tränenfinsternis
09. Tiara Aus 10 Phobien
10. Serenadenhallen