CYNIC Members’ PORTAL Project: Early 1990s Demos To See Light Of Day

PORTAL, the early 1990s project featuring CYNIC masterminds Paul Masvidal and Sean Reinert alongside guitarist Jason Gobel, bassist Chris Kringel and female vocalist Aruna Abrams, will have its demo recordings officially released as “The Portal Tapes” on March 27 in North America (four days earlier in Europe) in strictly limited editions of 5,000 digipak CDs and 1,000 vinyl LPs via Season Of Mist.

“I never thought this day would come”, Masvidal comments. “A couple demos we’d record after [CYNIC‘s 1993 debut album] ‘Focus’, under the name PORTAL, would develop a life of their own, and somehow become part of CYNIC‘s larger discography. As an artist, it’s an amazingly unpredictable journey, to see these quiet labors of love, find their way, in their own time.”

CYNIC recently released the “Carbon-Based Anatomy” EP, which has been described as “equal parts KING CRIMSON, TOOL, MUSE and ALLAN HOLDSWORTH.” It’s a 23-minute transcendent musical journey through the fertile musical minds of Masvidal and Reinert.