CYNIC: New Video Interview With PAUL MASVIDAL

8747 Productions recently conducted an interview with guitarist/vocalist Paul Masvidal the progressive rock/metal band CYNIC. You can now watch the chat below.

On “Carbon-Based Anatomy”, CYNIC has once again taken its natural interfusion of musical styles and turned it into something truly singular. The EP is equal parts KING CRIMSON, TOOL, MUSE and ALLAN HOLDSWORTH. It’s a 23-minute transcendent musical journey through the fertile musical minds of guitarist Paul Masvidal and progressive drumming icon Sean Reinert.

Beginning with its much-venerated 1993 debut release “Focus”, CYNIC has long been famous for pushing musical boundaries. Now in 2011, CYNIC has redefined itself once again with a six-song EP that combines diverse influences from ’70s prog rock to cutting-edge metal, tribal folk and futuristic alien shapes and sounds. All of these diverse elements have been harnessed and carefully shaped by mixer John Hiler into what is unquestionably the most open and expansive-sounding release of CYNIC‘s career. “Carbon-Based Anatomy” is retro, yet at the same time is unapologetically modern. It is respectful of the groundbreaking artists that have made musical evolution possible yet refuses to be stifled by that reverence. It is wholly appreciative of past musical landmarks but is unashamedly forward- thinking.

“Carbon-Based Anatomy” track listing:

01. Amidst The Coals
02. Carbon-Based Anatomy
03. Bija!
04. Box Up My Bones
05. Elves Beam Out
06. Hieroglyph

“Carbon-Based Anatomy” audio stream:


CYNIC is joined by Brandon Giffin on bass and Max Phelps on guitar and vocals during the group’s current North American and European tours in support of “Carbon-Based Anatomy”.