The latest A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Delirium) podcast includes an interview with former EXCITER and current BËEHLER drummer/vocalist Dan Beehler. You can now listen to the podcast using the audio player below.

On new BËEHLER music:

Dan: “We have the second album half written, and hopefully during the summer we can start recording. We’re fired up and excited, and after writing and recording the last album, I just felt there was a void, so I’m constantly writing something. The second album is going to be heavier than the first one, and I want to put in more elements of old EXCITER vocally.”

On performing EXCITER‘s “Evil Sinner” live:

Dan: “We still do that live, and this is a true story — it even used to happen back when I was 21 or 22 and we did that song back in the ’80s — I actually faint during that scream. There are a couple of points during our set that’s always happened — that’s one of them — where I do black out and come back to a second later, but for some reason my body is still doing the drumming and I don’t lose a beat. ‘Evil Sinner’ is still one of our favorites and still in our set.”

On his late brother’s influence:

Dan: “He was a huge part of my life and a huge part of the band, and when I left EXCITER, he was heartbroken. All he did for years was beg me to come back, and I always said no. He died back in ’99, and then Scott Walsh, who is now my guitarist and my brother-in-law, put the sticks back in my hands and said, ‘Dan, you’ve got to do something and dedicate it to your brother and call it BËEHLER.’ He brought me back, and it took a long time to do, but the whole thing is dedicated to his memory. I even dug up some of his old lyrics which are on ‘Kill The Witch’.”

On being addicted to volume hog:

Dan: “We did three or four tours with MOTÖRHEAD back then, and being a huge fan, the first thing I would do is go right out in front of the P.A. and blow my head off. I’m still a volume hog today. I can’t get enough volume. I still blow my head off, and we play super loud. I’ve lost a lot of hearing, but I can’t sacrifice and can’t wear earplugs. I’m so old school — it’s heavy metal and it’s gotta be fucking loud.”

On being ’80s trendsetters:

Dan: “I was told that we [EXCITER, on tour with VENOM in ’86] were the first band ever to bring Marshall amps into Brazil. We were one of the first bands to ever tour Brazil back then. Nobody had broken that ground except for the huge festivals. And the tour with VENOM was pretty sick.”

A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Delirium) podcast (audio):


BËEHLER‘s debut album, “Messages To The Dead”, came out in December via the German label High Roller Records. The effort contains 12 songs and was made available on both LP and CD.

BËEHLER‘s sound is described in a press release as “a journey from speed to doom, heavily saluting their mentors like JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN and MOTÖRHEAD.” “All we want to do is bring it back as a tribute to our metal heroes,” the band said.