DANZIG’s Set At Fun Fun Fun Fest Cut Short – “I Guess They (Organizers) Haven’t Heard Of A Thing Called A Riot Before”

Glenn Danzig

According to HoustonPress, last night’s (Friday, November 4th) DANZIG LEGACY set at the opening night of Fun Fun Fun Fest 2011 at Auditorium Shores in Austin, Texas was marred by the short set that Glenn Danzig turned in. The ex-MISFITS and SAMHAIN goth-rocker was scheduled to perform hits sets from his days in his two seminal punk bands and selections from his solo work.

Danzig instead appeared onstage at 8:55, nearly 45 minutes past his scheduled 8:15 stage call. During his hour-long set he preened and brooded, but that was nothing new. At one point last night he ran frantically towards the crowd assembled on the side of his stage for no explained reason.

At 10 p.m, when Auditorium Shores venue rules stated that music must be shut off, Danzig railed against the FFFF organizers, and shirked his own complete and utter responsibility in the incident. At one point he questioned if the organizers would enjoy a riot, and taunted the crowd in pantomime after the power to his mike was cut.

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Check out fan-filmed footage of the aftermath below:

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