DANZIG: Entire ‘Legacy’ Set From Chicago Available

Glenn Danzig headlined Riot Fest on October 7 at Congress Theater in Chicago, Illinois under the “Danzig Legacy” banner. He performed a career-spanning show featuring sets of DANZIG, SAMHAIN and MISFITS songs with none other than ex-MISFITS axeman Doyle Von Frankenstein joining Glenn on guitar for the MISFITSset. Check out fan-filmed video footage of the entire concert below.

When asked about the reports that he is recording an album of covers, Glenn said in a recent interview, “It’s [got] lots of different stuff [on it]. Of course there’s an Elvis [Presley] song on there, there’s a BLACK SABBATH cover… Then I took some old biker-movie theme songs and made them all old punk-sounding or whatever… Just fucking around, really — just having a good time taking songs and giving them a different life or a different dimension. I just do what I feel like doing, as long as I don’t just cover it, because that’s boring to me. I wanna take it and change it and give it some other kind of thing. Otherwise just leave it alone.”

A “Danzig Legacy” TV special is being filmed in Los Angeles this summer and is being directed by Mark Brooks (Adult Swim‘s “Metalocalypse”). More information will be released soon.