DARK NEW DAY: ‘Lost’ Album ‘Hail Mary’ To Be Released In February

Pavement Entertainment has acquired the rights to the “long-lost” “Hail Mary” album from DARK NEW DAY — the band featuring Clint Lowery (guitar; SEVENDUST), Corey Lowery (bass; ex-STEREOMUD, STUCK MOJO), Brett Hestla (vocals, guitar; ex-CREED, VIRGOS MERLOT), Will Hunt (drums; EVANESCENCE, ex-SKRAPE, TOMMY LEE) and Bradley “BC” Kochmit (guitar; SWITCHED a.k.a. SW1TCHED). The CD was to be the follow-up to the group’s debut effort, “Twelve Year Silence”, but it was never released.

“Hail Mary” will finally be made available on February 19, 2013 and will be distributed via MRI/RED in North America and SPV in Europe. The CD contains “twelve tracks of in-your-face hard rock that only DARK NEW DAY can deliver,” according to a press release.

Commented Hunt: “We in DARK NEW DAY are extremely excited that our ‘lost’ album is finally going to get the proper release and treatment it deserves. We’re excited for fans to hear what two years of writing, struggle, and growth did for us. You’ll hear a band that wasn’t afraid to embrace experimentation and forge new sonic territory. You’ll also hear a band at times grind out some of the darkest, heaviest, lyrically intense music of its career. This record is sonically amazing and we’re very proud of it. We hope that this is just a stepping stone to another record in the very near future. Enjoy!”

Tim King, director of AR for Pavement, states: “I’ve been a fan of DARK NEW DAY ever since I bought the debut at Best Buy back in 2005 (yes, I supported my friends and bought the album!!). As their AR guy, I’m thrilled to be able to work ‘Hail Mary’, but as a fan I’m even more excited to let everyone finally hear this amazing album.”

DARK NEW DAY may have been new to fans of the bandmembers’ previous groups, but it was really a reunion that was twelve years in the making, as the members of DARK NEW DAY literally grew up together. Brothers Clint and Corey Lowery and childhood friend Troy McLawhorn met singer Brett Hestla and drummer Will Hunt while touring as kids in the Southeast club circuit. “We were playing a circuit that had a lot of older people in it, in their twenties, and we were all kids, so we could identify with each other,” said Hunt in a 2005 interview. “We really came into ourselves on that circuit,” added Corey. “It was like going to rock ‘n’ roll high school — you’d always try and turn it up because you wanted to impress each other.”



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