The Modern Metal band DARKLIGHTCORPORATION from New Zealand has just set the release date for their upcoming album “PITCHBLACK” at June 10, 2011.

A video teaser for “PITCHBLACK” can be viewed here:



From the bottom of the world comes the unstoppable juggernaut Darklight Corporation. With a brand new album in hand and a sound that is crossing borders, this invasion from down under brings an energy and sound to be reckoned with.

Hard, heavy and industrial, Darklight Corporation still retains a pop-influenced simplicity. The guitar-based rock is injected with electronica to create a sound that’s melodic but never light. Accessible, but for those who like music with a wrecking-ball riff.

Fronted by Brazilian Fabio Santos this band is based in New Zealand and also features Chris Prenter on guitars and production, Elliot Chao on bass and Tim Mekalick on drums. They have fine tuned their songwriting and sound to achieve a cohesive and exciting sound.

Together for 3 years they have just released their new debut album Pitchblack. This album is being promoted in NZ, Australia and Europe. With major support from rock/metal radio shows and print media the band has received consistently excellent reviews of their album and much praise for their songwriting and production.

The band has been featured in many magazines and webzines and played worldwide on rock radio. September will see them embarking on a tour through NZ and Australia with plans to get to Europe next year.

With a crushing new album and live show to match, Darklight Corporation is slowly seeping into the mainstream.

The band is revealing now for the very first time the cover artwork for “PITCHBLACK” with the complete tracklisting :


1 Scar My Eyes

2 The Fallen

3 Crazyhorse

4 Blackout

5 Down In A Hole

6 Levitate

7 Enter the void

8 Lost Soul Society

9 Smother



Fabio Santos – Vocals

Elliot Chao – Bass

Tim Mekalick – Drums

Chris Prenter – Guitars

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