DAVE MUSTAINE Blasts CNN For Suggesting He Still Holds Grudge Against METALLICA

Dave Mustaine has blasted CNN for not getting its “facts right” by claiming the MEGADETH mainman “still holds a grudge against”METALLICA 30 years after being kicked out of the group.

CNN posted an article on January 4 about Mustaine‘s online rant against Men’s Wearhouse, with the writer ending his piece by stating: “Despite his own superstar status, Mustaine still holds a grudge against the more successful METALLICA.”

In a tweet earlier today, Mustaine reacted to the CNN story by writing: “Get yer facts right @CNN! I don’t still have a grudge w/Metallica, but I do w/you now. Guess ya missed the Big 4 tour?”

Mustaine joined his former METALLICA bandmates on stage on December 10, 2011 for the fourth and final intimate show at the Fillmore in San Francisco as part of the group’s week-long celebration of its 30th anniversary as a band for fan club members only.

Mustaine, who was one of the original members of METALLICA, was fired from the band by drummer Lars Ulrich in 1983. He was replaced byKirk Hammett and went on to form MEGADETH and achieve worldwide success on his own.