DAVE MUSTAINE Slams ‘Liberal Media’, Says He Has Been ‘Severely Misinterpreted By The Press’

Carlos Ramirez of AOL‘s Noisecreep recently conducted an interview with MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

On being misunderstood by the media:

Mustaine: “One of the problems about MEGADETH is that we’ve been severely misinterpreted by the press. I’ll say something in an interview, and they’ll either take what I said completely out of context or they evaluate it based on one sole statement and not the whole idea.”

On what he sees as the ultra-liberal media double standard:

Mustaine: “The public doesn’t have the time to learn all of what is happening out there. Everyone is busy trying to survive. Who would have ever thought that someone as powerful as Ted Turner would go on the Piers Morgan show the other night and actually say that’s it’s good that there are American troops committing suicide. Are you kidding me? I was stunned. But it didn’t make the media like other things do because Turner is a liberal and he’s part of the liberal media and they’ve squelched it so no one sees it. Whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, liberal, or even a communist, you should be outraged about what Turner said. He probably realized he messed up in the interview and said to the folks at CNN, ‘Don’t cover this or I’ll fire you.’ He can do that. CNN fired Amber Lyon because she wanted neutral and unbiased reporting.”

On Mustaine‘s belief that much of the media is not interested in covering hard news anymore:

Mustaine: “I remember reading about something when Walter Cronkite was still alive. It was about this news team working in a newsroom. They had just decided that they were no longer going to use a news producer and got a television producer instead. So the television producer says to the room, ‘So what do you have for me today? Let’s run down the stories.’ The reporters then tell him all of their news items, but then he says, ‘I know, but what’s the story?’ He wanted something juicier. When news is turned into some kind of reality-based TV thing, instead of just the facts, we’re in trouble.”

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