DAVE MUSTAINE’s Wine Sells Out

DAVE MUSTAINE's Wine Sells Out

Fallbrook Winery winemaker Vernon Kindred, who made MEGADETH leader Dave Mustaine‘s new Mustaine Vineyards Cabernet, told Wine Spectator that Mustaine Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon California Symphony Interrupted Select 2012, priced at $40 a bottle, sold out all 59 cases made in less than 72 hours.

According to Kindred, the collaboration with the musician came about when Mustaine and his wife, Pam Casselberry, bought a house near Fallbrook in San Diego County, and a few months ago took a stroll up the winery’s driveway to introduce themselves.

“Both Dave and Pam were totally involved in picking the blend, and they chipped in and helped bottle it,” Kindred told Wine Spectator. “It turned out to be a really good wine — very drinkable.”

“They’ve gained a lot of knowledge [about winemaking],” Kindred added. “They came with a lot of knowledge, and I think they’re going to continue on with more wine projects in the future.”