DAVID DRAIMAN On DISTURBED: We ‘Will Reunite When The Time Comes, When We Feel Right’

DISTURBED vocalist David Draiman, who is set to release the debut album from his DEVICE project in early April, tells Billboard.com in a new interview that we haven’t heard the last of the multiplatinum outfit, which went on an open-ended hiatus in 2011.

DISTURBED will reunite when the time comes, when we feel right,” says Draiman. “When DEVICE has run its course — when everybody’s in the right headspace and we’re feeling re-inspired and we’re ready to go back to it and the itch is itching hard enough — it’ll happen. This was not something that was done for any negative reason. When you feel right and the fire is burning hot, you go back to it with new drive and desire and hunger for it, and you make a timeless record and you continue on. That’s our plan. When that’s gonna happen, none of us have a clue. We haven’t even had any preliminary conversations to that effect.”

Aside from Draiman, DISTURBED bassist John Moyer has branched out recently by joining ADRENALINE MOB, a new group also featuring ex-DREAM THEATER drummer Mike Portnoy and SYMPHONY X vocalist Russell Allen.

DISTURBED guitarist Dan Donegan and drummer Mike Wengren are rumored to be assembling a new outfit of their own with current EVANS BLUE singer Dan Chandler. Draiman himself alluded to his bandmates’ new project in an interview in January, although no further information on it is available yet.

DISTURBED issued a limited-edition box set of all five of its studio albums on vinyl in April 2012, called “The Collection”. The six-disc package includes all the records remastered and pressed on 140-gram heavy duty vinyl, with each housed in new artwork that is unique and exclusive to the box. Only 2,500 copies were made available worldwide.

DISTURBED released its first-ever collection of B-sides and rarities, titled “The Lost Children”, in November 2011. The set included a previously unreleased song called “Mine” as well as a benefit track for the West Memphis Three titled “3”, plus tunes that previously appeared only on soundtracks or as bonus cuts on international editions of the group’s albums.


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